Our Solution

We build customer case studies and product value stories on-demand for your company.

This is a vital service as technology companies need to demonstrate the value their software and services deliver to their customers.

In most cases, the expertise needed to create these customer case studies and product value stories is unavailable in-house. Their efficient execution and delivery requires a skill set of specialised creative writing, data analysis, communication and project management.

Companies offering cloud-based software or infrastructure as a service need to highlight the new efficiency with which customers can do jobs using their services or improved outcomes measured through cost savings, increased productivity, user satisfaction or increased revenue.

Companies providing custom development services need to demonstrate how they delivered complex implementations for customers on time and under budget.

Customer case studies and product value stories help smooth communication and optimise storytelling to build brand value, generate customer referrals and grow sales pipeline.

The best customer case studies and product value stories are clear and concise, well illustrated and carry a powerful outcome-based success story.

Each customer case study requires background research, interviews, copywriting, workflow diagram development and design. They also need to be reviewed and approved for publication by both the vendor and their featured customer. All this needs to be managed and completed in a timely and frictionless manner.

Product value stories may need creative storytelling, product value research, qualitative surveying and quantitative data analysis to be developed and delivered.

Take a look at the examples from our portfolio to give you a sense of the quality customer case studies and product value stories we can deliver.