Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies help you stand out from the competition and prove your reason to be.

But lots of business owners are put off by the long hours and hard work it takes to produce marketing case studies and product value stories.

We’re here to help by taking the hard work off your plate. We have the experience of building case studies on demand for several large technology and Software-as-a-Service organisations. Take a look at our portfolio for some examples.

Marketing case studies allow you to differentiate your product from competitors by building the trust in your brand through proving that your product delivers.

We can handle all the heavy lifting including:

  • Selecting the best case study examples to serve specific segments of your target audiences where you are looking to generate and convert leads
  • Coming up with highly creative storylines and punchlines for your case studies to help you stand out from your competitors
  • Having the confidence and knowledge to conduct efficient interviews with your product management teams and customers
  • Handling the production from ideation to writing and design, review and delivery

And carrying out any data analysis or chart creation that might be required.

Take a look here at some example customer case studies we delivered for Digital Science.

Product value stories

Produce value stories demonstrate with evidence how your product has delivered for your customer. They are often complicated and difficult to deliver but will help your sales team sell and renew:

  • Great value stories require original and compelling storylines
  • They need to be based on empirical evidence that customers will find credible
  • They need to be customisable at the target account level
  • And typically, they can take many months to deliver unless you have experts to help accelerate the process.

Take a look here at an example product value story we delivered for Elsevier.